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May 8, 2011



Adobe and Apple have reconciled their differences over Flash. And in the next week we will see a Lion, a Cloud, and the Number 5 spread out into the etherspheres of Twitter, Facebook, and blogs galore. Why?

Because, of one simple frustration every Mr. Mac and MS. Mac have expressed in hands upon temples grasping at their hair in lieu of trying to edit a rich text field or watch a video: “Why can’t I do this simple thing?” The answer has been as simple, “Because Apple and Adobe won’t make nice and work together.” So, for years we’ve been locked out of a massive percentage of web content.

Obviously, there is also a cause to the effect that has been the division. Market share as represented by standards for web content delivery technology, which equals wealth. And here, Apple thought it could carve the web up in its advatage as it did with ITunes, and Adobe felt the same way as regards its Media tool: Flash. Ultimately they found a solution in redifining their market focus. Adobe will focus on selling its business tech solutions where it earns its cash in bulk and Apple will find a way to incorporate HTML 5, Flash, ect. into its ios 5 and Lion OS future. Subtle nods of humility on both sides that have led all of us Mac’ers to better hair days.

~Zachary Jeans

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