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When Can You Start?

June 9, 2011

When Can You Start?


Elay Cohen is Senior VP of Sales and Productivity and earns the award for best “Job Post Tweet” of the last week or so…

“@elaycohen: Know someone that wants to be creative and have fun communicating and enabling our global sales teams? Let me know.”

Observe the descriptive terms: “Creative”, “Fun”, “Communicating” and “Enabling”. In 140 characters or less he grabs attention by appealing to the heart of every Internet Solutions Tweep that is pinning for a new lease on their professional life. Every job post over my Tweet feed #fails to apply this kind of language and instead ply’s ancient, dusty verbiage that is as out dated as print newspapers. He begs at your basic instincts to break out of your cubicle, be an instigator, a truth teller, and have a good time doing it. How can other job posts compete?

Note the brisk nature of the Tweet. It didn’t eat up all 140 characters. It is a single sentence. The sentence has a single thought; not a compound. Yet, if someone is grabbed off the Twitter-Street by this post in the window of the shop, they can open the Linkdin door and find the solid layout of who, what and where.

I only have one suggestion to really fill out the ‘sell’, and that is to link it up with some eye candy. A perfect compliment to any idea is a visual presentation of the product. SalesForce’s announcement this month of their new corporate HQ included stunning depictions. The aforementioned brisk words can then be combined with an equally brisk vision of salty air and SFO sourdough while sipping Pete’s coffee and tapping out messages on their Ipad 2.

-Zachary Jeans

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