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Post Election Reflection

November 8, 2012

Difficult circumstances always bring out that which lies underneath, in our heart of hearts. If it is sweetness, then sweet. If it is bitterness, then bitter. Our country is by a whole host of reasons undergoing a massive stress test, and it is revealing our character, individually, and then, therefore as a whole.

That said, I find it less than helpful when my Facebook friends treat each other in terrible ways that they would never find appropriate in a conversation at work, or at a conference, or over a cup of coffee. A person does not acquit themselves well if their argument ends in cyber-bully language that was last seen in the hallways of our Jr. High School. It was wrong then, and it is most certainly wrong now.

The great good that comes from seeing our bitter inside is that we have the rose colored view of ourselves removed and have the opportunity to change that behavior going forward. But that change can not be wrought by our ‘hoping to do better next time’, but must be an act of confession, to ourselves first, to others second, and if you believe in God, to God. Then, we can show others forgiveness because we ourselves have experienced forgiveness. Structural change is tough; and if we want our country to have it, then we must start in our own hearts.


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